SpaceSATS is a research spin-off from Plasma Innovation Labs (PILS), a flagship plasma research center in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. Underpinned by more than 10-year solid research work in NTU, we provide total integrated technology solutions to the space industry, addressing the unique needs in plasma systems. We are proud to develop world-leading miniature plasma propulsion technologies and systems for orbital maneuver of small satellites in space, supporting long-lifespan small satellite applications.

On 31 August 2019, SpaceSATS, together with NTU and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, successfully launched 4 modules of Hall-Effect Micro Jet (HEM-Jet) thrusters on board of the first scientific microgravity satellite Taiji-1 for in-space gravitational wave detection. All 4 sets of the HEM-Jet thrusters have performed flawlessly in space since the launch.

SpaceSATS is now testing a new series of turnkey low-power, high-efficiency, miniature Hall effect thrusters (HETs) that operate at power classes never before achieved (10W, 30W and 60W). The miniature plasma propulsion system is of great advantage for critical satellite manoeuvres, drag-free control, altitude transfers, inclination correction, constellation phasing, station keeping, collision avoidance, and end-life deorbiting.

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