Enabling the Future of Commercial Space  


Flying in orbit now  

First miniature hall thruster (< 60W) launched and tested in space since Aug 2019

Plasma propulsion system for small satellites

Drag-Free Control

Very high precision micropropulsion

Space-based gravitational detection

Altitude Transfers

Lower altitude to gain data downlink capability and image resolution

Increase altitude to gain coverage, revisit rate and lifespan

Inclination Correction

Correct inclination to maintain specific positions such as Sun Synchronous Orbits (SSO)

Constellation Phasing

Single-plane phasing

Multiple-plane phasing

Station Keeping

Compensate atmospheric drag

Improve lifetime by a few years

Deorbitation & Collision Avoidance

Deorbit at the end of its mission to prevent further space pollution and collision

Meeting space debris mitigation requirements of ESA and NASA

SpaceSATS is a research spin