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Spacesats is a research spin-off from Plasma Innovation Labs (PILS), a flagship plasma research center in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. Underpinned by more than 10-year solid research work in NTU, we provide total integrated technology solutions to space industry, addressing the unique needs in plasma systems. We are proud to develop world-leading miniature plasma propulsion technologies and systems for orbital maneuver of small satellites in space, supporting long-lifespan small satellites applications.
Hall-Effect Micro Jet (HEM-Jet)

Flying in orbit now

First miniature hall thruster (< 60W) launched and tested in space since Aug 2019

Decommissioning capability

Meeting space debris mitigation requirements of ESA and NASA at end of missions

Prolong satellites’ lifespan

Enabling drag-free control, altitude transfers, constellation, station keeping, etc

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